The Rights Of Private Part

Private part is the main limb concerning sexual instinct. This limb of human body is created wisely and each of the men and women has their own.
However, do you know that the private parts, like other limbs, have own rights? Have you ever thought in this regard? The sacred religion of Islam even has some useful advices in this regard.

Imam Sajjad (the fourth Imam of Muslims) in his “The Treatise on Rights” has said: “And the right of your private part is that you should protect it from everything that is unlawful for you.” (Right n.9)
What Imam Sajjad (Peace Be upon Him) means by “protecting your private part” is covering it from people’s eyes. In other words, you must protect it from fornication and guard it against being looked upon.


Nowadays, unfortunately, these things are not respected. Some people let loose their sexual instinct absolutely free and they do not care for anything but fun. This extremist theory causes many problems for human society.  The increase of Adultery, Abortion and Divorce Statistics, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, loss of trust between family members, are some of these problems.

So, there is no choice but to return to the Divine teachings. We must believe God who created us, Knows what is best for us.

Why Some Foods are Allowed and Some are forbidden?

In Islam, there are special rules for eating and drinking. You are not allowed to eat and drink everything.  Some foods and drinks are lawful and some are unlawful. The division of the lawful and unlawful is not unreasonable. Maybe we do not know the reason and wisdom behind it but because this command has been issued from God we accept it. We should remember that wisdom is issued from wise God. It is noticeable to say that the sacred religion of Islam concerned about the good and bad physical and psychological effects of what we eat and drink.

Imam Sadiq (the sixth Imam of Muslims) has said: “The Almighty God only allowed some things for us to eat and drink due to their benefit and good effects on us, and only forbade us some things due to their harmfulness and ill effects.” (Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, v.3, p.71)


For instance, drinking blood is forbidden in Islam because it makes one bad-tempered and ruthless.
Imam Sadiq said:
“Drinking blood will make you bad-tempered and ruthless. It will reduce your kindness and mercy so much that you might even kill your own son or father.” (Ibid)

However, food has both good and bad physical and psychological effects on us. Research laboratories are well-equipped to measure the chemical composition of foodstuff and how they affect our body.