Just Look, God is Right Here

We get involved with our position and status so much that we forget about God. To entangle in sins and disobedience results in man’s forgetting God. During times of calamities and hardships, we suddenly remember God and turn to Him for help. Sometimes a calamity happens upon man and wakes him/her up from the sleep of ignorance.

A man went to see Imam Sadiq (the sixth Imam of Muslims) and expressed his amazement about the recognition of God.
He said: “I have discussed this issue with many knowledgeable people, but they have not been able to help me.” Imam Sadiq (Peace Be Upon Him) ended his amazement asked him: “Have you ever been aboard a ship?” The man said: “Yes.” Then Imam Sadiq asked: “Have you ever been on a sinking ship, and reached out for a narrow piece of board to stay afloat?” The man said: “Yes. I have.” Then Imam Sadiq said: “Then while you could not see any dry land or anyone there to save you, were you not really attracted to some power to rescue you?” The man replied in the positive and was finally relieved of his amazement about God’s recognition.” (Al-Shafi, v.1, p.40)


Remember that God is closer to us than the jugular vein but the involvement in worldly affairs results in forgetting God.

The Marriage, the Best Way to Protect From Corrupt

Among human instincts sexual instinct is a major force attract men and women towards each other. In history sex and marriage have always been a hot topic of discussion in all religious or scientific gatherings. Some theories related to this issue, are extremist while others are normal. The followers of extremist theory believe in sexual freedom. In other hand some theories have considered sex to be an animal act and have called it filthy. We see great scholars that are the follower of this theory who never married and advised all men and women not to marry.

The sacred religion of Islam takes the balanced view and condemns both extremist views. In this view, sexual instincts are neither let loose, nor are they totally abandoned.


According Islamic teaching God has encouraged the people to get married. On the other hand, any form of sexual deviation or being loose is seriously fought with.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him and His Progeny) has said: “O young people! Any of you who have the means to marry should do so since this is the best way to protect your eyes from corrupt and treacherous looks, and to guard the private parts from sin and immodesty. Whoever does not have the means to marry should fast continually since fasting can reduce lust.” (Makarim al-Akhlaq, p.196)