Cancel Not Your Charity

Good things are in need of care and if it is too valuable needs to take more care.
All agree that Charity is among the best things in life. But if we don’t care, it will lose its value.  Sometimes charity mixes with things that nullify its effect. In other words, not having pure intention in charity nullifies its effect.

The hypocrisy and showing off in acts of charity is one of the most important things that can nullify charity. Some persons give charity in order to show off. They do not seek God’s satisfaction but they like to be famous and popular among the people. Such charity is ineffective.

Some other persons remind others of their favors they have done. This causes the one who is received charity to be belittled.


The hypocrisy and reminding others, has been explained clearly in Holy Quran:

“O ye who believe! Cancel not your charity by reminders of your generosity or by injury, – like those who spend their substance to be seen of men, but believe neither in God nor in the Last Day. They are in parable like a hard, barren rock, on which is a little soil: on it falls heavy rain, which leaves it (just) a bare stone. They will be able to do nothing with aught they have earned. And God guide not those who reject faith.” (2:264)

As a result, the charity is too valuable and needs to take more care.