Brotherhood Lasts by Being Fair

It is true that common belief causes brotherhood among believers, but what element causes to last the brotherhood? As you know it is difficult to obtain something but it is harder to keep it. There is a similar situation in this regard. Because it is hard to find a real brother that is like your hands, wings, relatives or property and you can trust him/her totally. Because as Imam Ali (the first Imam of Muslims) said such friends are rare. (Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, v.2, p.61)
And it is harder to keep such brothers, because it needs to a permanent correct behavior from you in your lifetime.


Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Him) expressed the element of Survival of Friendship in one In a sentence. He said: “Brotherhood lasts by being fair.” (Ibid, p.308)
And only just people are able to do that. Just people are those who are healthy conscience and they do not need force to have fairness. And this is a feature of great men.
When Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him and His Progeny) reached the age of seven he asked his wet-nurse Halimah: “O Mother! Where are my brothers?” She said: “They have taken the sheep that God has blessed us with to the fields.” He said: “O’ Mother! You have not been fair with us.” His mother asked: “Why?” He said: “Is it fair for me to sit in the shade of the tent and drink milk, while my brothers are out there in the heat of the desert?” (Al-Hadith, v.1, p.285)

So, if we like to keep real brothers and good friends we must be fair. Of course, it is another story to know what the meaning of fair is.

Real Brothers and Superficial Brothers

Islam has put such a strong bond between the Muslims and has made them so close that it has called them brothers. But here are some questions. Are all the brothers the same? And we should treat everyone in the same way? Imam Ali (the first Imam of Muslims) answered these questions in a tradition. “There are two groups of brothers: real brothers and superficial brothers.” (Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, v.2, p.61) so, all brothers are not the same and this indicates that the behavior should not be the same too.
What is our duty toward real brothers?
“Real brothers are like your hands, wings, relatives or property. Once you find such brothers, you can help them; give them from what you own; be friendly with their friends and be the enemy of their enemies; hide their secrets; cover up their faults, and reveal their good points. Beware that they are very rare.” (Ibid)


And what should we do toward not real brothers? Should we reject them?
“However, use your superficial brothers. Do not stop your friendship and your associations with them. However do not expect any more than this from them. When they treat you kindly and talk nicely with you, respond with gentle treatment and nice words.” (Ibid)

This words of Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Him) like other of His words are so sweet and useful and will guide us to the right path. I hope we appreciate them.

Serving the Family, the Expiation for Major Sins

Some people think that it is better to keep their family in a difficult situation. They have enough money but they are stingy with their wife and children. Regardless of their motivation, I’m going to check whether it is good or not. So it is the main question: Is it good to provide abundant provision for our family?

The sacred religion of Islam’s view on this matter is clear. Islam encourages us to try to put our family in comfort.
Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him And His Progeny) has said: “Serving the family is considered to be expiation for major sins. It will quench the Lord’s wrath, and be considered as the nuptial gift for the ‘Houris’ [women in heaven]. It will be a cause of raised ranks, and increased, recorded good-deeds.” (Jami’ al-Sa’adat, v.2, p.142)


Surely, this reward will encourage believing men to serving their wives, and abstain from being stingy and bossy.
God’s Prophet also said: “Whoever is affluent but is stingy with his wife does not belong to our nation.” (Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, v.2, p.643)

It is nice to say that in Islam there is a mutual relationship between providing most amply for the family and being pleasing one near God. Imam Sajjad (the fourth Imam of Muslims) said: “Whoever provides most amply for his family will be the most pleasing one near God.” (Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, v.2, p.643)

All couples should know that they should be kind with each other, so that God grants them the great promised rewards.

The Reason of the Deterioration of Human Superiority

Everybody try to eat and drink things that are benefit and have good effects on him/her and also avoid from harmful things with ill effects. Hence, the sacred religion of Islam gives directives concerning Dos and Don’ts of eating and drinking. One of the very harmful drinks for human is wine. To drink wine or alcoholic drinks cause a lot of ill effects. Imam Sadiq (Peace Be upon Him) expressed the reason why we are forbidden to drink wine or alcoholic drinks: “An alcoholic is like an idol-worshiper. It (alcohol) causes him to tremble and his manliness is destroyed. It induces him to venture into what is forbidden such as bloodshed and fornication. Moreover, even his closest relatives are not secure from being molested by him when he is drunk.”  (Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, v.3, p.71)


As you now, the reason of superiority of human over animal is his/her intellect and alcohol will influence our brain and disable our brain cells. The point is this: if we lose the reason of our superiority, what will be different with animals? Does any sane man, accepts equality with animals? Such issues have caused that Islam forbids alcohol and saves Muslims from all the ill effects of alcohol and alcoholism.

Why Some Foods are Allowed and Some are forbidden?

In Islam, there are special rules for eating and drinking. You are not allowed to eat and drink everything.  Some foods and drinks are lawful and some are unlawful. The division of the lawful and unlawful is not unreasonable. Maybe we do not know the reason and wisdom behind it but because this command has been issued from God we accept it. We should remember that wisdom is issued from wise God. It is noticeable to say that the sacred religion of Islam concerned about the good and bad physical and psychological effects of what we eat and drink.

Imam Sadiq (the sixth Imam of Muslims) has said: “The Almighty God only allowed some things for us to eat and drink due to their benefit and good effects on us, and only forbade us some things due to their harmfulness and ill effects.” (Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, v.3, p.71)


For instance, drinking blood is forbidden in Islam because it makes one bad-tempered and ruthless.
Imam Sadiq said:
“Drinking blood will make you bad-tempered and ruthless. It will reduce your kindness and mercy so much that you might even kill your own son or father.” (Ibid)

However, food has both good and bad physical and psychological effects on us. Research laboratories are well-equipped to measure the chemical composition of foodstuff and how they affect our body.