The Lack of Balance in Sexual Instinct

The big problem today is the lack of balance in instincts. Some people in the name of freedom do anything they want. They look at each scene like porno scene and they drink anything like Intoxicating drinks and they do everything like adultery.
Have you ever think about very bad consequences of adultery? We just name a few examples.
Social disorder is the first big problem of adultery because the relationship of the father and children will become unclear. Increasing in adultery around the world is terrible even to imagine, because in such a world the father-child relationship will be eliminated and there is also no love for these children because of the unclear relationship between child and parents.
In addition, adultery leads to many contagious sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) many of which are life-threatening. The disease called AIDS is just one example.


Due to these very bad consequences, the sacred religion of Islam has prohibited adultery. Prophet Muhammad said: There are six bad effects of adultery. Three of them are in this world and the other three are in the Hereafter. 

The effects of adultery in this world are as follows:

  1. Adultery takes away one’s sincerity and divine illumination.
  2. Adultery stops the arrival of one’s share of daily bread.
  3. Adultery speeds up man’s destruction.

The three effects of adultery in the Hereafter are as follows:

  1.  Adultery will raise the anger of the Lord.
  2.  Adultery will make the Reckoning difficult.
  3.  Adultery will result in entry (or remaining forever) in the Fire of Hell.”

The Marriage, the Best Way to Protect From Corrupt

Among human instincts sexual instinct is a major force attract men and women towards each other. In history sex and marriage have always been a hot topic of discussion in all religious or scientific gatherings. Some theories related to this issue, are extremist while others are normal. The followers of extremist theory believe in sexual freedom. In other hand some theories have considered sex to be an animal act and have called it filthy. We see great scholars that are the follower of this theory who never married and advised all men and women not to marry.

The sacred religion of Islam takes the balanced view and condemns both extremist views. In this view, sexual instincts are neither let loose, nor are they totally abandoned.


According Islamic teaching God has encouraged the people to get married. On the other hand, any form of sexual deviation or being loose is seriously fought with.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him and His Progeny) has said: “O young people! Any of you who have the means to marry should do so since this is the best way to protect your eyes from corrupt and treacherous looks, and to guard the private parts from sin and immodesty. Whoever does not have the means to marry should fast continually since fasting can reduce lust.” (Makarim al-Akhlaq, p.196)