Life without Joy and Smile is a Hellish Life

Being happy and avoiding the heart ache is a recommended behavior in Islam, to this extent that it is mentioned as a traits of Friends of God in Holy Quran. In Chapter 10, Verse 62 it is said that: “Now surely the friends of Allah, they shall have no fear nor shall they grieve.”
joy and smileYet why do some people equate Islam with the grief?
One of the important reasons is the action of some Believers, and the reason for such a behavior of the Believers is incomplete and incorrect understanding of Islamic teachings. As if, such people always ask the price of their belief from others! Always they have frowning faces and show bad temper. They do not consent to smile at all and perhaps they consider become grim-faced is necessary for being pious!
Only a glance to the manners and words of great scholars indicates that such an imaginations concerning religion is completely wrong. At the end of this writing I want to draw your attention to a sentence from supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran. Great Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei says: “smile is one of the demands of society. Smile is a necessity of human life. Life without joy and without smile is a hellish life. Paradisiacal life is a life with smile.” (December 1, 2004)