There is No Use in Being Harsh with Your Wife

Apart from the prophets and saints of God, anyone can make mistakes. The same thing may happen in a family environment. There is no doubt that there are problems in every house. Incompatibilities may cause quarrels that might place a gap between wife and husband, and may drive them more apart from each other. If not prevented, this might lead to separation and divorce. Specially inexperienced couple who still follow their lust may get angry quickly, and attempt to take revenge on each other.


In order to prevent this, Islam has advised husbands and wives to forgive each other, and ignore one another’s faults. Islam says whenever your wife makes a mistake out of ignorance, you should forgive her. The best advice that we have received regarding women are the words of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him And His Progeny):

“God will save whoever bears his wife – even if it is just one (bad) word – from the Fire. God will assure him of Heaven and record two thousand good deeds for him. God will wipe out two hundred thousand of his wrong-doings and raise his rank two hundred thousand levels, and establish as many years of worshipping for him as there are hairs on his body.” (Makarim al-Akhlaq, p.216)

Remember that your wife is your life-partner. She is neither your slave, nor your housemaid. So be gentle with her. And also remember that there is no use in being harsh with your wife.

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